Friday, April 22, 2011

No Need to Fear, the Government is Here!

Awhile back I started noticing my dishes were very cloudy. Well, my dishwasher was somewhat new so I thought something was wrong with it. After asking around and doing lots of research someone recommended Lemi Shine (along with your regular detergent). I tried it and everything was happy at my house! least in the kitchen :)! A few months later a friend sent me this article from FoxNews. Apparently the government "regulated" phosphate out of dishwasher detergent and guess what... phosphate is a key ingredient to clean dishes. This article also tells how using Lemi Shine every load will help, and it DOES! I have been using it ever since! Today I was lazy and didn't use it (only Cascade), I couldn't believe how terrible my dishes looked so I pulled a glass out, re-washed the load using Lemi-Shine and you see the difference?! It truly is amazing. So the government can mess things up and smart, intelligent ambitious people can clean up the mess!

1 comment:

Nadia said...

Sure can see the difference eh?!

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