Thursday, January 28, 2010

Chapel again...

He's just too cute and always around me!


Creator Designs 2009 Large Business of the Year

The Bolivar Area Chamber of Commerce named Creator Designs as the Large Business of the Year. We were so thrilled and honored! Thank you to our customers, community and employees!

Bo Banner... the Defenders!

Bo is a great little athlete. He works hard and enjoys every game. Dwain says "Bo leads the league in steals... but also in missed shots!" He's great at stealing, driving down in front of the pack, then bricking a lay up. We once had a friend tell us a story about his coach telling him "It's a lay up, not a hard up!" and that's what we continually have to remind Bo. Btw... Yes, there are girls' teams in his league and NO, he does NOT like that!!!


I'm so sorry I've been such a bad blogger lately. :( My New Year's Resolution was to do better, but you see (since it's Jan 28) it's not really sticking... or starting for that matter. So, I'm not going to try and play catch-up because that's what overwhelms me. I'm just starting from here and now. Enjoy another year with the Banner Boys!
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