Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hudson Reunion

My mom's family reunion is held at Bennett Springs. These are pictures from that day, we had a good time, but missed my mom and family from OK!


Lori said...

I love your Grandma. She used to send me and your sister boxes or treats when we were in college. She is so sweet!

The Ingolds said...

Jason's family reunion is held at Bennett Springs every year and we've stayed at the Sand Springs Resort the past two crazy is that???

I've been meaning to email and say hi and see how you're feeling. Are you doing well, keeping up with the three boys?

We saw the Creator Designs commercial last night while watching the football game. Fun! Deacon was cute...the best part was that Brody acted like he knew him. He's got a great memory...Big D has always looked out for Brody so why should I be surprised?

Talk to you soon!

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