Friday, October 31, 2008

Bolivar District Football Party

The liberators won their District, so as usual, we had a party after the game, printed and sold shirts. The Jock 98.7 did a live radio broadcast from Creator Designs, here they were interviewing our great coach, Lance Roweton. The pic of me is with Kylie, a long time friend and old homegroup girlie that happened to stop by. Bo fell asleep, again, with everyone there. Preston is showing off his new hairdo along with some of his other football buds, and isn't this girl adorable with her little Bolivar tee and bow!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sarah in Springfield!

My friend, Rachel and I went to Springfield to see Gov. Sarah Palin. Our local state rep gave us VIP tickets. THANKS! We had front row seats...well ok, 2nd row, the Bass Pro family was on the front row. :)

2 of her daughters made the trip with her. They are both adorable! Gov. Palin is very petite, smaller than she appears on tv.

Gov. Palin talking to a special needs boy.

Naomi Judd introduced her. She said she was tired of watching the news, seeing people attack a wonderful lady. She thought is was time to get involved.

Secret Service...they probably love this detail! :)

The Bass Pro family told us Gov. Palin wanted to make sure and get a picture in front of this sign for Christmas cards, I got a kick out of that. She was a little late to speak and she said, speaking of Bass Pro, "I didn't want to leave that reminds me of home." There was an estimated 20,000 people at the rally. Springfield will do it's part to swing this battleground state red.

These last 2 pictures are from the newspaper. I love them because they show her being a mom, adorable diaper bag, huh? You can see more pictures at

Monday, October 20, 2008


We had the PLEASURE of hearing Mike Huckabee speak in Springfield today. My favorite thing he said was "We don't need to 'spread the wealth around' we need to 'spread the WORK around." Dwain had a short conversation with him about small business while I was visiting with his daughter about fashions, etc.

Special Lunch

We went to Springfield today and had a special lunch with my mom and my aunt. Everyone says I look like my mom, and that is fine with me! :)

More Sleeping Pics

Really, how in the world do these boys sleep like this? We do have more beds in this house, but they choose to sleep together.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Jake's 4th Birthday

Preston's Football

Preston played Willard and WON! It was a cold night, but we're glad to have sports starting back up...when is basketball season? :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Basketball Bash

We went to the Basketball Bash, the players all do skits and games, it's designed to get the fans interested in the teams. Ross did a skit as Skrek, you don't know how many times I've thought he looked like Shrek even before he was painted! Notice Jake's shirt, he's a fan of the Guiot. I am so excited for ball season, the Bearcats are ranked #6 in the nation!!!

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