Thursday, April 17, 2008

Favorite Stop on the Trip...

This has been my favorite stop because I got to see my family. There are many kids missing from the pictures (& my brother) but any time all the sisters get together, we have fun. I feel like I need to explain this trip. My dear, sweet husband surprised me by buying me a plane ticket to see a friend, Brittany that moved to LA. Brittany use to live in Bolivar and she was my work-out partner until her husband took a coaching job at CSUN. I have been wanting to visit her since she moved. Then I have another friend, Bridget that is a traveling physical therapist. She spent 7 months in CA and then the last 3 months in Hawaii, and is now spending 3 months in MO. After I spent a few days with Brittany, Bridget flew in from Hawaii, picked up me and her car and we “road tripped” back to MO. I have had a great time and I especially appreciate Dwain surprising me with this trip! Also, thank you so much to my mother-in-law, Mary Kay, for coming and being “mom” for a week! One more thing… while I was in LA, Brittany’s husband took a new coaching job at the University of Utah!!! Dwain, trip to Utah next year? :)

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Daisy Girl said...

Wow! What a sweet and thoughtful gift! It looks like you had so much fun. Thanks for sharing your pics! ~ Lori

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