Sunday, April 27, 2008


Dwain & I spent the weekend in Chicago. S&S Activewear (one of our vendors) brings in customers for an open house. Friday night we visited and toured their factory, met with sales reps and had dinner. Saturday we shopped most the day then met back up with everyone for a dinner cruise on the lake. The people in the first picture, Richard & Lee own a screen printing business in Montgomery, AL. They also own a Mexican restaurant called... El Rodeo. Can you believe that? Yes, we want to visit! Another cool thing is that Richard is a two-time Olympic swimmer for Columbia. The second couple, Jon & Shannon, have a family-owned screen printing business in Winona, MN. Their family has been in business FOREVER! They owned one of the first automatic presses on the market. Jon grew up, like our kids, taking naps on t-shirts! We had such a great time visiting with people that do exactly what we do. btw... Dwain is with a Lego man, thought the kids would like this, and the tulip picture is for Jen Russell (aka Jonnifer).

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Anonymous said...

it was fun seeing you guys again. thanks for your blog address. your boys are cute, and looks like you guys have been having a lot of fun! hope all is well!

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