Thursday, January 17, 2008

Shoutfest Battle of the Bands Nashville

Escaping the Crowd, they loved their Creator Designs t-shirts!!!

Erin Sparks, Cloudchase. She is a customer.

Jessica Lamb and Redline. They were great! The guy with the coat told us a hilarious story. He said he found that coat at the Goodwill for $2.00, but then he took his Grandma with him to get the "senior" discount and ended up buying it for $1.00. All he said was "if Grandma had been a veteran, I could have gotten it for $.50!"

Kim & Jennifer McConnell with Indie Community, our new favorite person!

Michael Wittig, from the band Pillar.
This guy said he was 6"3 and 6"5 with the faux-hawk. Ummm, maybe not!

This is Josh from Epic Rescue with the coolest hair ever.

We wrapped up our day, spending time with Brian & Allyson Smith.

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