Monday, May 8, 2017

White Uniforms, For Reals

Currently having 4 boys playing baseball, I've kinda considered myself an expert in washing uniforms... especially white uniforms (which my husband insists on.)

I've always heard stories from my mother-in-law about how the coach presented her with a box of Tide at the football banquet because Dwain's pants got cleaner throughout the season. I've had a lot to live up to.

My routine was to quick-wash the unies in cold, removing loose dirt. I would then take them (damp, never dry them!) out and start with my Fels Naptha bar soap.... lather them up real good, and then start scrubbing. Most of the time I would use one pant leg to scrub the other. The next step, washing them again with detergent and OxiClean, after letting them soak with the Fels Naptha overnight.  (P.S.Never use the dryer!)

I had tried the car wash, but that never worked great for me. Not to mention the time, money and what a pain it was taking wet pants back in your car.

I had tried bleach but always had to be super careful with the bright pinstripe going down the sides of the pants. Plus I almost always got it all over me... and it stinks.

Last week I was sitting at a game, like most days, visiting with my mom friends, two of my BEST friends I might add. They started talking about a product I had never heard of, raving about how easy and great it was.

Now we've all read tricks and tips on Pinterest, but rarely do they turn out as wonderful as portrayed. BUT these ladies, they've been by my side for 10+ years. We've washed uniforms together in hotel coin-operated machines, bathtubs, and even talked one hotel into letting us use their industrial washers!

So, their opinions to me are gold, I KNOW they KNOW what they're talking about.

Introducing... (drum roll please) OUT- White Brite !!!!! (We have this at our local Wal-Mart, located by the Oxi Clean.)

Your new washing routine:

1. Add 1/2 cup of OUT to your laundry

2. Wash your uniform

3. Hang Dry

When your kids play school sports, you get whatever is handed down from the year before. The stains are all set-in. Deacon's baseball pants have been a battle for me. I soaked them in OUT (just the first time) and now simply wash them, using the OUT. I really can't believe how white they are!!!

I always felt like there was a perfect solution out there somewhere! Now, I feel confident to say, I AM an EXPERT in washing uniforms... and my mother-in-law will be proud. ;-)

Sunday, January 29, 2017



After thinking & praying, Deacon decided to not play basketball this year. He will work on baseball & football, and the new opportunity that came up for him, powerlifting.

Now I know what you're thinking, Powerlifting? Deacon? Doesn't seem to go together, but turns out, he's a tough guy 😄 or at least a strong guy.

Fair Grove had a Powerlifting Meet and Bolivar entered their first team ever, and they did great.

The rules seem weird to me, and I don't know them enough to explain them. They have 3 different lifts, and several different weight classes.

Deacon ended up with 3rd in the "Featherweight" class. I mean, "featherweight??"(heehee)  That doesn't sound too cool, but it was 165lbs - 175lbs. His strength index was 5.75. Deacon's best at squats. His buddy, Zach, is great at bench, he got 1st in bench.

Austin Conrad, Deacon's coach, has competed and has taught them all the ins & outs. Thankful for all the good coaches in Bolivar. Read the details in the paper here.

(Austin Conrad, Zach Howard, Deacon & Lydia Meredith)

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Intolerance & Freedom

Recently in Springfield, MO, the City Council voted to add protections for gay, lesbian and transgender people, they would be considered a protected class of people just like for race, religion and gender. As you can imagine, the conservative city sitting in the "buckle of the Bible belt" didn't agree with their leadership. It didn't take long to obtain enough signatures to vote on a repeal, and win the repeal, although by a slim margin.

Not living in Springfield, I didn't have a vote to give. However, owning a business in Springfield, I did have a horse in the race.


A bookseller being told what kinds of books they have to sell.

An artist being told what he can and cannot paint.

An actor being forced to act in roles he has no interest in.

A singer being made to perform songs that offend her.

Is that freedom? And yet it is exactly what some of the “tolerant left” are demanding from their governments. 

So do I think it's permissible to refuse to serve a gay, lesbian or transgender person? Absolutely not! I believe God created all men equal and it is a personal life goal of mine to love others and to make them feel loved. We have customers that fall into this category and we always treat them with love and respect.

Why then have we recently been targeted by the LGBT community? Why have we been called "disgusting, intolerant and on the discriminatory bandwagon?" Why have we been harassed through phone calls, Facebook messages and "naughty lists?"

Because as a company that strives to honor our Creator God, we will not design or print shirts that have a message that we feel contradicts His words.

We have many times and while sacrificing profit, chose to turn down orders containing alcohol or drug references, any concept of hate, gambling promotions, adult content, profane language and.... LGBT matters.

Does that mean we won't print for an alcoholic? No! Just not a design that promotes alcohol.

Does that mean we won't print for a prostitute? No! Just not a design that promotes prostitution.

Does that mean we won't print for a bigot? No! Just not a design showing hate to others.

It boils down to this...

If a vegan restaurant owner refused to add bacon to a woman's salad, would it be discriminating against her? Of course not. The Vegan does not offer bacon because of his beliefs. We do not offer designs that contradict God's laws... because of our beliefs.

Do we have the freedom to honor our religious beliefs?  Can we expect others to be tolerant of our beliefs?

I did not hunt down a gay person and tell them I thought their lifestyle was wrong.... and yet I've been hunted down and told my beliefs are wrong, and even told I was going to hell.

I did not tell the lesbian she doesn't have the freedom to be gay, and yet I was told I don't have the freedom to honor what my religion calls for. 

I did not tell the transgender person their community was wrong in how they interpret their traditions & customs, and yet I was told I was wrong in how I interpret my Bible.

Who believes in freedom for everyone? Who is practicing bigotry & intolerance?

I know people don’t equate T-shirts with fine art, but it’s how we express ourselves. And some of the very people who claim to uphold artistic freedom have no qualms dictating to bakers, florists and photographers how they should expend their creative abilities and talents. But they need to carefully consider what they are arguing for. They need to ask themselves if giving the government the power to force people to act against their conscience could ever affect an issue they care about.

We are free. We were born free—endowed by our Creator—and we would that everyone know the increased freedom that comes from living a life guided by Jesus Christ. Not everyone will, not everyone wants to, but that will not change the truth. The phone calls, bullying and harassment only cause us to turn to Christ, Who suffered exceedingly more for us.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Addicted to Google

Hi, my name is Trina and I'm a Googaholic.

When did Google take over the internet and my mind? Seems like I remember Ask Jeeves first, then there was ChaCha where you could text a question and get an answer. At some point Google became the Einstein of the www. We no longer "research," we now "google." It's a legitimate verb.

I don't recall wanting all sorts of random information before Google. Now that it's available at my fingertips every minute of every day, I use it... over and over and over and... well you get the point.

How do Chickens reproduce?
What household product can I bathe my dog with?
Where do I rub on my feet to get rid of a headache?
What rhymes with candy?
Why do I have such drastic energy swings?
How often is the groundhog right?
Suggestions to make my kids to pick up after themselves.
What does SMH mean in text lingo?
How to stick with a schedule.
What color makes people the happiest?

You would think we would be the absolute smartest people of all times with this knowledge so accessible, and yet I don't think that's the case.

The question, is it bad to be a Googaholic? We've always been taught "education is key" so what could possibly be wrong with our digital encyclopedia? I have a dear friend that says "everything in moderation" and that's exactly how I'm feeling about Google. Lately I've been asking myself the following things:

Does Google overrule my dependence on prayer? Is it the first place I go for a question? Obviously I don't think I would pray and ask how a chicken reproduces, but I should pray and ask for wisdom in dealing with my children and energy to stick with a schedule.

Am I selling myself short by settling for a Google answer? Before if I wanted to learn some ways to reward employees I would check out or buy a book and do a thorough search, finding lots of information and ideas. Now I google it and read a couple articles with 8 points...which I learned the other day from a man that writes articles for WikiHow, he's no expert on any subject. He actually googles the answer and re-writes it in the WikiHow format... geez.

Do I retain any information I googled? Seriously... think about it. I can't remember any information I googled in the past week. When I started this article I couldn't even remember any questions. I had to look back at my phone to see my history. There is all kinds of research out there showing our brains are too distracted to "think deep." We go from one subject to the next status update to the next tweet and on and on. When do we really allow ourselves time to think? I realized all the great ideas I've ever had were while I was taking a shower or a bath.... which consequently is about the only time I don't have a device.

Is the answer I found through Google true? We've all heard people joke, "it has to be true, it was on the internet." We tease and yet I find myself believing what I read. I mean I don't guess I would stake my life on it, but I do accept most everything and move on (of course we now know I don't remember it for long anyway, ha!)

Could I think of a better solution than the Google answer? If I spent the same time thinking, being creative, that I do on Google,  could I come up with something new, a better way?

So next time you reach for a device to Google the thought that popped in your head, stop and ask yourself the above questions.... and remember... everything in moderation. :-)

"For with much wisdom comes much sorrow; the more knowledge, the more grief." Ecc. 1:18

***(Google was used 11 times in the writing of this article.)

Monday, December 22, 2014

How to Be a Cool Aunt

As many of you know, my sister, Regina Jennings is an author for Bethany House Publishing. Her 5th book just came out and you can buy it here.

Over Thanksgiving, Chapel gave her a blank book and said he wanted her to write one. Being a good aunt.... no... a cool aunt... she sent this for Chapel's Birthday. We decided we had to share it, knowing her fans would enjoy seeing this side of her writing.

Once upon a time there was a boy named Chapel. He was the cutest boy in Missouri. He had 3 big brothers named Deacon, Bo & Jake.

One day Jake disappeared. Deacon looked in all the high places and couldn't find him. Bo didn't want to look for Jake. Instead he took Jake's ipod and started playing it.

Chapel was mad that Bo wouldn't help, so he had to find Jake by himself.

He searched the woods and found a book titled How to Fly.

Chapel climbed a tree and found a book titled How to Be a Dog.

Chapel looked in Annie's doghouse and found a book titled How to Be a Fish.

Chapel went to the pool, and there were Jake's clothes, but Jake wasn't in the pool.

Now Chapel had to go the bathroom. He went inside the house and started peeing in the urinal, and then saw a goldfish with brown hair swimming in the urinal. It was Jake!

Chapel didn't know what to do. He went and got Deacon. Deacon said, "Let's find the book How to Be the Best Boy Ever and maybe Jake can change back to a boy!?"

Bo came in and said "Don't let him read that. I want to keep his ipod."

Deacon said, "Come to think of it, I want to be the best. I think I'll read that for myself." 

Jake bubbled to Chapel "You have to help me!"

Chapel put Jake in a cup of clean water and hid him until he came home from school the next day. 

He brought 2 books home from the school library. Since Deacon had the "Best Boy" book, all he could let Jake read was How to Be a Charming Mess. But it worked. Just like magic Jake stopped being a goldfish and turned back into brother.

He hugged Chapel. "What is that other book he asked?"

Chapel said "I want to read it. It's called How to Be a Hero."

Jake smiled and just before he went to fight Bo, he said "You don't need that book, Chappy. You already are a hero!

The End

Sunday, November 2, 2014

I ♥ This Small Town, Especially During Football Season

Football Season is always much anticipated at our house! We try on uniforms and even decorate long before the first game. This football season stood out to me, showing me all there is to be thankful for, living in this small town.

So here's my list...
21 Things I ♥ About This Small Town

1. I ♥ how the high school students support their team with a "dress up" theme. Every home game they spread the word and come fully decked out. (Beach night)

2. I ♥ how some of the Freshman football team had a tradition of going together to away games and watching their Varsity teammates. 

3. I ♥ that our children are receiving instruction from volunteer dads who just want to GIVE of their time.

4. I ♥ how we have close friends that are willing to pick up and take care of our younger kids when the older are playing.

5. I ♥ how the booster club encourages athletes to do their part by volunteering in the concessions.

6. I ♥ how athletes are able to show their faith in public.

7. I ♥ how the "older" boys show up on Saturday to support the Y teams.

8. I ♥ how boys are so proud of their classmate, being the FIRST in a long time to start Varsity as a Freshman. (I'm hoping this was western night.)

9. I ♥ how newcomers don't feel that way for long.

10. I ♥ how friends catch great pics of your kids when you forgot your camera.

11. I ♥ how the games are online so my parents can watch... and how the commentators give details specifically for them. 

12. I ♥ our sweet uniforms!

13. I ♥ that after a tough game a friend reminds me of what our emphasis should be.

14. I ♥ intense moments.

15. I ♥ the personal attention the HS coaches give the players.

16. I ♥ how our school colors are good to decorate with :-)

 17. I ♥ the tradition of having a girl wear your uniform.

18. I ♥ Momerators, (Moms of Liberators) who feed the players a meal every Thursday night.

19. I ♥ Homecoming parades...

20.  and Homecoming parade fans.

21. I ♥ the relationships between all ages.

I'll end with my favorite story from this season... Jake hasn't quite yet got the love or drive for sports the others have. He does enjoy them, because of friends! He wasn't getting to play much and I was hoping to motivate him a little, I asked "Jake, you're on the sidelines a lot. Does that bother you?" To which he replied, "Oh no! It's fine. It gives me time to relax!"

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Micah & Preston's Wedding

We were so happy and felt so honored that Chapel was asked to be the ring bearer for Preston Guiot and Micah Cribbs wedding. Ok, so these are random pics, mostly of Chapel cuteness. Enjoy, like we did, this BEAUTIFUL wedding!

 (not sure what was going on here??)

 Coach Guiot brings out the ornery in everyone.

Chapel and his "Payt"

Rehearsal dinner, Coach Blair making Smores with Chap.

 Gorgeous Bride and Groom

 Chap with the Cribbs' sisters... Coach Guiot asked these girls, "do you girls think he's cute?" Carly shook her head "no." Chapel crossed his arms and smugly said "yes she does."

Holy Cuteness

 Half of the Harris kids... my boys have ALWAYS been able to say "my babysitter is prettier than yours!" :-)

 Our precious JoNeita
Handsome fellas, Kahl & Jake

 "Smore" of Kahl and Jake

 Is it me or does he look Amish? 
But Jake sure doesn't :-)

Don't worry, he wasn't hogging the dance floor, it was just his turn down the lane ;-)

This is so Coach Guiot... the reception is going strong and Father of the Groom is taking time out to play with Chap.

It was a perfect night!

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